Cherry Bomb: A wonderful blend of Michigan Cherries and Jalapenos (Seasonal).


Depths Of Hell Pineapple: The sweetness of Pineapples and Michigan Strawberries with the heat of habeneros. It will take your ribs or chicken to the next level !


Green Monster: Sweet and Spicy (One of my many favorites) Add it to cream cheese or even make a great grilled cheese!


Peachy Inferno: Freestone Peaches and Habeneros


Psycho Fruit: With the combintation of Habeneros and Jalapenos you get 2 phases of heat with this wonderful combintation. Great with any BBQ Favorite !


Red Devil: The perfect blend of Raspberries and Jalapenos. Spice up your chicken, Salad or even PBJ sandwich with this one !


Triple Threat Jam: The mildest one of the bunch but it makes one mean PBJ sandwich or even give your salmon or shrimp a little punch!


Reaper Jelly: Made with the hottest Hot pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper.......Eat it at your own risk!

The Kracken:  This Master piece won 3rd place at the Scovie Awards! Its melody of 4 different berries with the kick of The Carolina Reaper Pepper, why wouldn't it!

More Spicy Jams are in the works keep checking to see whats new!



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